Our Program

The Curiosity Lab is dedicated to connecting children to nature. 

Created and led by a former public elementary school teacher who has spent the last 28 years developing curriculum and finding hidden gems that immerse children in Outdoor Nature experiences.  

Each location has been carefully selected to bring a sense of wonder and joy. We start the day connecting with nature either hiking on a trail, discovering mountain creeks and waterfalls, exploring tide pools, marveling at redwoods, climbing over boulders or walking along a beach.  

As we explore, we learn about ecosystems, local habitats, plant and animal adaptations, bugs, fungi, lichen and anything else we may encounter as we notice and note the beauty of nature and place. 

After lunch, it’s time for free play, exploration and making friends; splash in a creek, play a game, examine a bug, go on a scavenger hunt, build a sand castle, do an art project, fly a kite or just bask in the sun.